Herbal tea blends

Presence of Mind Studio partners with an herbalist from New Hampshire to offer several blends of teas--many of which are certified organic.  Selection changes frequently, 

Pricing Varies

Mindful live

Meditate from the comfort and convenience of your own space with a live, certified meditation instructor.  This unique 45-minute livestream meditation provides a 10-minute interactive group discussion format on mindfulness or meditation with a 30-minute private guided meditation following.  4-day and 2-day-per-week packages available.  4-day package has access to pre-recorded meditations to assist with building your daily meditation practice. 

$59 & $35 per Month 

Workshops, classes,  corporate trainings and Staff development

A variety of workshops, classes, and corporate trainings such as Mindfulness 101, Mindful Eating, and Self-care and Stress Reduction by Practicing Mindfulness are offered throughout the year at the studio or at your place of business. 

Call to discuss your needs.

Live in the Moment 

Live in the Breath.

Group meditation classes

An opportunity for personal growth and relaxation.  Each class offers a 'learn while you practice' mindfulness experience that assists you in achieving a deeper state of meditation with each sitting.  Many people who find that they cannot achieve a meditative state at home, who are practicing mindfulness during our guided meditation sessions are able to achieve that state.  Classes are open to all levels. 

FREE--Donations accepted.

Mindfulness Offerings

private mindfulness & meditation

Private sessions are designed specifically for you and your present needs.  During the private mindfulness session you learn the essentials for practicing mindfulness meditation, how to relax through breathing techniques, postures, and other suggested practices to try at home. Excellent for people who may seek inner healing and prefer one-on-one attention to address specific needs and questions.

$35 per hour


Life Coach 

Work on specific personal goals, stress management, transitions in your personal life, relationships and/or profession by examining what is going on right now.  This provides opportunity to discover what obstacles or challenges might exist, and assisting you with choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.