Live in the Moment 

Live in the Breath.

Mindful Meditation

We are a unique mindfulness and meditation studio dedicated to recovering, what we believe to be, the essence of staying present: a Vipassana philosophy and practice available to everyone. 

There are many types of meditation and ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.  Meditation is like going to the gym.  You can't go once and expect immediate results.  If you stick with it, it will change your life.  We're dedicated to making mindfulness and meditation available to everyone.  We offer individual sessions and group classes.

We also offer Life Coach services which will assist clients in developing and achieving their individual goals with a focus on anxiety, depression and stress reduction.

We offer classes, courses, and workshops that shed light on interpreting and incorporating mindfulness with all other aspects of life.  We welcome questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.


Meet the Owner,

MJ Allen

Committed to making the life-changing benefits of meditation available to all.

MJ is here to help inspire both you and your practice.  MJ holds a B.A. in Forensic Psychology, a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University and a Certificate in Meditation Instruction from the University of Holistic Theology.  MJ is currently a doctoral student obtaining her degree in Counselor Supervision and Education from Capella University.

MJ has been meditating and employing mindfulness techniques in her life for approximately 5 years.  During a personal struggle, MJ found mindfulness and meditation to help her in centering and finding herself.  She often tells the story of her first Masters class and a professor insisting that the class would stare at a candle flame for 20 minutes.  MJ tells how resistant she was to this exercise and how she sat there for 20 minutes making her grocery list in her mind, marking things off her "To Do" list, and making her new "To Do" list in her mind.  MJ was the poster child for having too much on her plate, being stressed, not employing self-care, and being described as "high strung"...until she started to employ mindfulness techniques in her life.

During her work with mental health clients, MJ realized that she was using mindfulness and meditation in her day-to-day therapy practice.  MJ has specialized in trauma and addiction disorders as a therapist.  She currently teaches the group meditation classes, Mindful Live, and life coach sessions.  MJ is committed to providing an atmosphere at the studio of inclusiveness.  It does not matter what you can pay or cannot pay, what matters is that you come, share space, and settle your mind!!